Melanotan 2 50mg Starter Kit (5 vials)


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      5 x Melanotan 2 10mg (5 vials)

      5 x Injectable Water (2ml vials)

      55 x Syringe (5 for mixing your solution)

      55 x Alcohol Wipe (5 for mixing your solution)

      1 x Nasal Spray Bottle


Who would have known that achieving a tan is just a mere click away?! With Melanotan II it sure is! A revolutionary new sunless tanning product, Melanotan II is made from the synthetic analog of the melanocortin peptide alpha-melanocyte. Our 50mg starter kit comprises of 5 vials of Melanotan II ready to give you a perfect tan in no time!

Recent researches have shown that Melanotan II helps in fat loss and even in skin cancer prevention. Talk about a versatile product! Order one right away, for that fabulous tan and experience the benefits yourself!