3 x Melanotan 2 30mg Oral Drops 10ml


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      3 x Melanotan 2 30mg Oral Drops 10ml

If you want to use Melanotan 2 but are affraid of needles then you need to try our fantastic Melanotan 2 Oral Drops.  Each bottle holds 10ml of ready made solution with 30mg of Melanotan 2 and comes in 9 great flavours:



       Skittles Ice Cream

       Strawberry Shoe Laces

       Mint Chocolate Chip

       Orange Fanta

       Parma Violets


       Fizzy Cola Bottles

       Mango & Berries CBD (+ £5 per bottle)


Unlike other suppliers, we supply our tanning drops in 10ml glass vials which includes a self enclosed pipette to drop the solution under your tongue.  All you need to do is store your bottle in the fridge and evey morning simply load a full pipette with the solution and drop it under your tongue, leave it there for a while and you are done.

PLEASE NOTE: The melanotan 2 oral drops are much weaker than the injectable alternative.