Melanotan 2 200mg Reseller Pack (20 vials)


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      20 x Melanotan 2 10mg (20 vials)

      20 x Injectable Water (2ml ampules)

      20 x Syringe (for mixing your solution)

      20 x Alcohol Wipe (for mixing your solution)

It’s time to get that perfectly tanned skin by using our Melanotan 2 200mg Reseller pack. The presence of naturally occurring peptide in it has made it the ideal choice for all those people who love dark skins.

Researches and experiments have shown that this product can offer you a flawless skin tone which is amazingly tanned and also keeps you away from cancer and fatness causing enzymes. Using this product of ours will result in increased natural skin pigmentation and sexual desires.

Being the number one selling tanning peptide on the market, it has become the rage amongst all and sundry. So, to experience its wonderful skin darkening effects, start using it today and see the difference yourself.