Melanotan 2 2,000mg Reseller Pack (200 vials)


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200 x Melanotan 2 10mg (100 vials)

200 x Injectable Water (2ml ampules)

200 x Syringe (for mixing your solution)

200 x Alcohol Wipe (for mixing your solution)

If you are looking for a long lasting tan then our 2000mg reseller pack is the perfect option for you. It contains one hundred 10mg packs of Melanotan II which would help you make that tan last month’s!

Melanotan II is an amazing new product to help you achieve a great tan without ever having the need to step out of your home. An injectable peptide created from the synthetic analog of melanocortin hormone alpha-melanocyte, Melanotan II is a natural product. Studies have linked Melanotan II with weight loss and even skin cancer prevention.

So why wait when a smooth tanned skin is a mere click away!