What does Melanotan 2 starter kits include?

Our Melanotan starter kits offer you ‘everything’ you need to complete the course. Using these handy kits, you need not spend extra money on buying wipes, needles etc.

By what time should I expect visible results?

Depending on your skin type, the difference can be seen in between week 1-3. However, for enhanced results and to accelerate your tan, you can inject every other day along with a sunbed session for every 5 days.

What proportion of water should be mixed with a vial?

When using Melanotan kit, simply mix 1ml or 100 units of water with each vial. Thus, you will obtain 10 injections of 10 units.

What is the quality level of the Melanotan 2 you provide?

We offer 99.84% pure Melanotan 2 having no mannitol or additional fillers.

How frequently should I inject?

As per our recommendation, during the ‘loading phase’, injecting every other day would be beneficial. However, during ‘maintenance phase’, injecting once in a week would be sufficient.

What are the common side effects of using Melanotan 2?

One may experience nausea, heightened libido, flushing and minor suppression in appetite. However, to minimize the occurring of such situations, we advise you to inject before bedtime.

Which Melanotan kit is suitable for me?

The type of kit you should buy depends upon the type of skin you have. For individuals who tan normally, the 20mg Melanotan 2 Starter Kit would be an appropriate option. However, if your skin takes a while to tan, then, you should go for 30mg Melanotan Starter Kit, to achieve desired results.

How and where to store my Melanotan 2?

You can simply store it in the freezer when in unmixed form. However, when you have mixed it with water, keep it inside the fridge only.

Will it hurt when injected?

Not at all! We supply premium quality ultra fine ‘BD’ syringes that cause no pain.

Are there any special discounts for bulk orders?

Of course! We are already supplying bulk orders to leading salons and gyms at discounted rates. Just let us know your requirements by emailing us, and we will revert back with the estimation for wholesale prices. You can also avail our labelling service for effective promotion of your business.

To which locations do you ship?

Our shipping service delivers in many countries, across the world, as we have customers from almost every corner of the world. Also, we are constantly adding new locations for better supply.