What is Melanotan II?

Melanotan II (mt2) is a synthetic chemical compound created in laps to mimic the effects of the naturally occurring α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH).
It was originally developed as a drug to combat female sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction. However, clinical development of the product has ceased by 2003, and now Melatonin II is used as a tanning drug worldwide.

Melatonin II has become an alternative for people seeking a much healthier way to tan. Melatonin II makes it possible to have a tan while avoiding the harmful UV rays found in tanning booths.

How does Melanotan II work?

Having a full body tan requires exposure to plenty of UV rays. That's done by being outdoors for a long period of times, or via tanning booths. It's well documented that exposing the skin to UV rays for that long amount of time is bad for the skin and general health.

People who run the risk of sun exposer, or people with very fair skin, Melanotan II provides the perfect alternative for them to get the desired tan they have always wanted without spending days in the sun and going through the burn and healing process, which is pretty painful to them.

Melanotan II is not a complete sun tanner; it requires exposure to sunlight in order to be effective. The difference is that the exposure time is so little compared to conventional methods that you don't reduce UV rays' exposure risks to the minimum.

Melanotan II is fabricated in a way that it stimulates the body's response to UV rays by charging the melanin production. As a result, exposing yourself to the sun for a minimum amount of time results in gaining maximum tanning effect.

Benefits of Melanotan II

Melanotan II provides several benefits;
a.    It reduces the amount of exposure to the sun, thus reducing all health issues related to long UV exposure.
b.    Tan developed with the help of Melanotan II provides the skin with deep pigmentation that protects all skin layers from UV rays damage. (Tan is a way designed by nature to protect skin from UV rays damage).
c.    Using Melanotan II provides the skin with a lasting tan. Even when the usage is stopped entirely, the tan can last for months even without regular exposure to sunlight, no matter what a person's skin type is.
d.    It helps men with erectile dysfunction.
e.    Due to enhanced self-image, it can encourage weight loss.
f.    Melanotan II has shown to enhance recovery time for nerves and muscles.

There are currently researches being carried on Melanotan II to study its effect for potential neuroprotective benefits.

Using Melanotan II

Melanotan II is an ongoing therapy that requires further maintenance and administration after the initial dosage, to get the tone the person's desires. Although this process can take time, with the correct dosages, perfect results can be achieved.

Melanotan II (mt2) is sold as a package of 10mg freeze-dried powder. The package is sterile sealed with multi-use vials. Before it can be used, it requires the reconstitution with sterile water. This process is very simple it can be done at home. After the reconstitution process, vials have to be kept in the refrigerator, otherwise, they'll start to slowly degrade over time.
Reconstitution process is done using 1 or 2ml sterile water. Full attention and precision are needed in the process to achieve perfect results.

Side Effects of Melanotan II

There are no long-term side effects that have ever been reported. However, there are some post-usage effects that appear during the first few days. These side effects include; nausea, cramps, yawning, flushed complexion, stomach cramps, and fatigue. These symptoms will disappear over time as the body adjusts to the product.
Women expecting or nursing should first consult with their physician before using any of the Melanotan II products.