What are Tanning Injections?

Tanning injections are a way to get a tan without the need to spend a long time exposing your skin to UV rays. It's done by injecting Melanotan, a melanin injection. Melanotan is a synthetic hormone used to supercharge the melanin in the skin. When injected under the skin it stimulates the pigment cells in your body producing more melanin (supercharged melanin). The supercharged melanin gives you a tan with minimum exposure to sunlight.

How do Tanning Injections work?

Melanotan I and II are the two forms of melanin injections available. They're diluted with sterile water before usage. Melanotan I (also called Afamelanotide) is a stimulating hormone that stimulates the production of eumelanin (the tanning pigment) in the skin. It was developed to treat the condition called "erythropoietic protoporphyria", a rare genetic condition causing the patient to develop prolonged burning pain, redness, and swelling when exposed to the sun for a very minimum amount of time (1-20 minutes)
Melanotan II is a synthetic chemical compound created in laps to mimic the effects of the naturally occurring α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH). As a tanning injection, Melatonin II gives quicker, longer-lasting results that the Melatonin I. However, Melatonin II won't work without some exposure to UV rays, a minimum of 20 minutes of sunlight exposure a day helps activating the drug.
The demand for Melanotan II has increased tremendously in recent years, especially in the regions of northern England, Scotland, and Ireland.
In a span of 6 days, you'll begin to see the effect on your skin.

Benefits of tanning injections

All of the top models and celebrities are doing this method. It's safer than sunbeds, as the later causes skin to age.
Tanning Injections, reduces the amount of exposure time to UV rays, thus, making it safer for the skin, avoiding all health issues associated with UV exposure.
Melatonin II is associated with spontaneous erections in males, that's why it's used as a form of erectile dysfunction treatment drug.

Side effects of tanning injections

Although, there have been concerns associated with stimulating the melanocytes in the skin. There have been no documented long-term side effects for tanning injections.
Short-term side effects include nausea, flushing, facial swelling, and in some cases appetite loss.
Women expecting or nursing must consult with their physician before taking any tanning injections.

Doses for the tanning injections

Suggested doses differ according to different products. It's recommended to follow the directions given to you by the seller. Generally, starting dose is 0.25mg.
After 2-3 weeks of daily dose, if you're using Melatonin II, you should start the maintenance phase, which is two injections per week, to maintain your tanned look.

Some advices when using tanning injections
a.    DO NOT share your needle with anyone EVER.
b.    Make sure to change injection site every now and then.
c.    It's best to mix the powder with sterile water, containing benzyl alcohol to suppress any harmful bacteria.
d.    Always keep the product in the refrigerator (but not frozen).