A Skin Tag is a small soft hanging piece of skin. It consists of a core of fibers and ducts, nerve cells, fat cells, and a covering or epidermis. It can appear anywhere on the skin, and everywhere. It is usually very small and can't be seen unless you look very closely, however, some are pretty large and can be well seen. It normally appears in the areas where skin rubs against skin or rubs against clothes. That's why you mostly find it in the groin area, neck or armpits.
They are benign and harmful, however, they are of unattractive sight to the eyes. Especially when they start growing on the neck, or face or even around the eyes. When you read about causes of skin tags, you find that obesity is one of the causes, so you start losing weight hoping that your skin tags will fall when you become thin. However, losing weight may result in losing the skin tags if they become twisted. But it's not a guarantee that this will happen on its own.
Skin tag as any living part of the human body requires a regular flow of blood and oxygen to keep alive. If this changes, then the skin tag will die and fall on its own. When deprived of oxygen they change color to the purple of black, then a couple of weeks later they fell off on their own.
When not treated properly skin tags may be with you for the rest of your life, or grow in size, or even become infected and irritated.
Do you lose skin tags when you lose weight?
When losing weight, you'll find somethings fall off your skin as you become healthier. They may be skin tags if it became twisted, but mostly they are other skin conditions. Unless you treat the skin tag with an OTC product, it'll be with you for the rest of your life.
However, losing weight helps in reducing the probability of developing skin tags in the future. As you'll have fewer folds of skin, and skin-on-skin friction will reduce resulting in a much less chance that new skin tags will appear in the future.
Do skin tags fall off after Pregnancy?
No one knows for sure why skin tags are developed on the skin, however, what we do know is that hormones have a huge role in the skin tag cycle. In pregnancy, by the fifth month and due to the growth in the stomach area, a lot of pregnant women develop skin tags.
For a lot of women, skin tags do fall off after childbirth, however, if they didn't and they are in a sensitive area don't treat them on your own and go see your dermatologist.
Natural treatments for skin tags after weight loss
Tea tree oil, that's what we can recommend as much of the natural remedies used to treat skin tags don't work well. If your skin tags are developed under or between the breasts or on your face, apply Australian tea tree oil. Always, use treatments that won't cause any form of scarring to your skin.
Natural treatments -even those that work- take a lot of time to treat skin tags and requires more effort. You'll need to apply essential oils 3 times per day for many weeks for the treatment to work. If you miss the treatment schedule, it's less likely to work.
No one-size-fits-all, so the same treatment will have different effects on different people.
 How to get rid of skin tags after losing weight
After losing weight, you'll be healthy of course, you'll find that skin tags are still present on your body, especially on the groin and bikini line. They won't go away on their own, as they require an effective natural or over the counter treatment. The most important thing is that the treatment used to remove skin tags safely and quickly.
There are some excellent choices that will help you get rid of skin tags quickly and efficiently. One of these choices is known medically as ligation, which involves tying off a skin tag with dental floss or string to constrict the flow of blood supply thus depriving the tag of oxygen making it die and fall. The problem with this procedure is that it's difficult to tie off a skin tag safely.
TagBand skin tag removal device is the recommended choice if you want a simple-to-use ligation kit. It's on the top 3 picks on market. All you need to perform is to put the small band supplied with the kit over the top of the cone so that the band can be placed at the base of the skin tag. Easy to use and simple can be done in just a few seconds. Skin tag typically falls within a span of 7 days.
To summarize and answer the question Do skin tags fall off when one loses weight? The answer, unfortunately, is No!

First thing is that you need to make sure that what you have is a skin tag, not a serious skin condition. Also, Do Not try to squeeze or twist the skin tag as it may become infected.