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MEGATAN is pleased to invite you to participate as one of our online advertisers. Advertising on MEGATAN is the perfect opportunity for you to promote your organisation and provide leadership and professional development through your products and/or services. It is an excellent way to gain exposure!

We are offering this opportunity to advertisers in various industries, advertising include banner advertising on our home page as well as throughout the website, depending on the level of advertising you chose. Online advertisers are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Your company can be a part of what is seen by our visitors each time they visit. Your company has the choice of having a banner ad (or button) on the home page and your choice of any three additional pages as well as a listing on our advertisers page. On the advertisers page, you will have a graphic link (banner or button) along with up to 250 word description (both supplied by sponsor).

Banner size: 468 X 60 (pixels) or similar in jpg or gif format

Monthly £45.00 (3 months minimum or £135.00)

Annual £450.00

Button size: 125 X 125 (pixels) or similar in jpg or gif format

Monthly £25.00 (3 months minimum or £75.00)

Annual £250.00

If you are interested in being an advertiser please email [email protected]

If you do not have a banner, MEGATAN can have one created for you for an additional charge of £45.00

Note: Minimum sponsorships available are for three months and payments are to be made on the same basis in advance of any logos or text placed on the MEGATAN site.

Sponsored Blog Post

SPONSORED BLOG POST: this is an article-like post that clearly states it is a sponsored post at the end of the article. Sponsored posts cost £95 and include an article advert in out newsletter which goes to over 30,000 customers. Word count should be between 350 to 1150 words. The only attachments WE accept are jpeg or png graphics to be added to the article. All pdf, .doc, docx and text attachments will be discarded. Up to three graphics may be submitted with sponsored posts (one of which can be a logo). Up to two links can also be included in the body of the article plus one link in the signature file (bio) footer. When making a submission, please designate which links should be a ‘do follow’ link. Because each case is unique, sponsored posts are first reviewed for appropriateness and content length and type of promotion.

Some restrictions: We accept articles that are of any type but we do not accept articles that includes profanity, vulgarity, racism or anything deemed by our editorial team to be inappropriate to our audience.  At least one “do follow” link is included in the above.

Once published, the article will remain on the website indefinitely.

The words “sponsored post/link” is included at the end of each article and appears like this: note: This is a Sponsored Post (or link) – the author has requested this post be shared on MEGATAN and WE were compensated for sharing.

Once determined fee has been paid, the article is posted (WE DO NOT PUBLISH ANY SPONSORED POST ARTICLES WITHOUT PAYMENT IN ADVANCE).

Sponsored links are £15 per link and the same criteria as sponsored posts applies.

FAQ about Sponsored Content:

1) First, to make sure we send you content that want to publish and your readers will love, do you have any specific guidelines regarding content length, etc.?  Yes, 350 to 1200 words with a maximum of two photos. Must include photo source and link to source if taken from an online free or paid site.  If not, we will add photos from our media library.

2) Do these guest posts look like the other posts or are they marked: “sponsored”, “paid”, “guest post” etc? If they are marked, what do you add to these posts?  We add the following to the end of each article submitted:   This is a Sponsored Post – the author has requested this post be shared on MEGATAN and WE were compensated for sharing. For link submissions we include the following at the end of the article: *Sponsored link 

3) How long does it take after we submit a post for it to be added to your website on average?  You let us know when you need it published prior to payment and we will let you know if it is do-able as we also have peak times. Typically sponsored content is posted within a week after all is said and done. That includes reviewing article, sending invoicing and payment. When we have all content for the post, do our best to publish within 48 hours of payment.

4) I work with several people, so I may be able to send regular posts your way. Do you offer any pricing discounts or discounts for higher volume contributors?

Yes, when ordered and paid in advance. For instance, if you know you will have 3 articles to place, you will send me the topics, we bill you and when paid we add to site. Pricing for 3 or more posts is £75 each and links £10 each – if more than 12, we can discuss further discounts. It has been our experience that most sponsors will pay for 1 to 3 at a time.  

5) Do you offer link inserts into existing articles? If so, what is your cost for such?  Yes and as mentioned above, link pricing is £25 per link – we also include the following at the end of the article: *Sponsored link 

Email your query to [email protected] with subject line: “I would like to order Sponsored Content for MEGATAN (if submitting a link, please include the link details including which article to place link, the text to use and where in article you would like link to appear).

* We accept submissions for products and services our readers are likely to desire.  Great for merchandise, business opportunities, business start ups and business services. You can submit as a sponsored post/link or product review.

Please note, we do allow follow links on article submissions and due to the volume of content we receive, we cannot guarantee a response to unsolicited submissions. It can take up to 3 months for a reply (other than automated) as we review all content for originality, origin and appropriateness.

Sponsored content is accepted based upon space availability and appropriateness. We do not accept ads for sites that promote racism, hatred, exploit humanity or other topics we may deem inappropriate.  All decisions are final.

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